Viktoria Platzer is an award-winning Art Director and passionately runs her own studio in the heart of Vienna. She works on graphic design projects, monthly magazines and brings new magazine designs to life. Having studied Information-Design at the University of Applied Sciences, FH-Joanneum in Graz, her goal is to make information appealing to the reader. 

„I love to fascinate the reader and bring stories to life through my designs. By designing with an eye for detail, I aim to visualise the information within an article in a thoughtful and intellectual way by making full use of the media spectrum“. 

So far she has designed more than 15+ magazine front pages and directed numerous photo shoots. She truly believes in the power of team - hence her ambition for playing basketball as a teenager - and enjoys collaborating with creatives, photographers, illustrators and journalists. She’s a proud owner of a vintage magazine collection and loves to collect issues from all around the world. Viktoria Platzer has been working with companies operating worldwide, design-agencies and publishing houses as well as the public sector since 2007.


ICMA (International Corporate Media Award)
Award of Excellence 2019
Category 1.16 Fotografie, active beauty
Award of Excellence 2019
Category 1.14 Cover and Coverstory, active Beauty & Co KG 8/2019

Galaxy Awards 2017
Bronze Winner 
Category: Corporate Publications - Beauty/Hair

ICMA (International Corporate Media Award)
Award of Excellence 2017 
Category 1.21, Award for Alternative Storytelling

International Mercury Excellence Award:
Grand Award Winner – Best of Publications for move XXL Diversity Category: Employee Publication: oil & gas industry
Gold for move XXL Diversity 
Category: Employee Publication: oil & gas industry
Bronze for move 3/14
Category: Employee Publication: oil & gas industry
Silber for move 4/13 
Category: Employee Magazines/Magazine

inkom. Grand-Prix 2014:
Gold for move XXL Diversity 
Category: Print-Employee-Publications1x Gold, Category: best Graphics
Silver for das Redesign des Move 4/2013 
Category: Print-Employee-Publications

BCP Award:
Silver for move 4/2013 
Category: Employee media, Print/Magazine Industry
Silver for move XXL Diversity 
Category: Employee media, Print/Magazine Industry
Silver for move XXL Diversity
Category: Special Award "International Communication"

Astrid Design Communications Award:
Bronze for move XXL Diversity 
Category: "Employee Publications: Corporate Culture"

FEIEA Grand Prix:
Bronze for move 2/13 
Category: Best Multi Language Publication/regular

ICMA (International Corporate Media Award)
Award of Excellence 2013 
Category 11, Award for Best Cover and Cover Story for move 2/2013

Vikom-Award/Silberne Feder
Silver for move 3/2014 
Category: internal Printmedia
Bronze for move 4/2013 
Category:  internal Printmedia

Epamedia, Public Space Design Award
Bronze, 2008


Clientlist (Selected)

active beauty (Magazine)
BüroX (Design)
BIPA Card (Magazine)
BIPA Mitarbeiter (Magazine)
Cosmopolitan (Magazine, London)
das Biber (Magazine)
Biberica-Special (Magazine)
First (Magazine)
Jung von Matt (Advertising)
Kraftwerk (Advertising)
Leo Burnett (Advertising)
Material Girl (Magazine)
OMV Mitarbeiter Magazin "move" (Magazine)
24 – Das Magazin der OMV Tankstellen-Partner und –Mitarbeiter (Magazine)
Peretti & Peretti (Architect)
Section.d (Design)
Strobelgasse (Advertising)
Styria Multi Media Ladies (Magazine)
Styria Multi Media Corporate
Tank (Agency/Magazine, London)
Wienerin gesund (Magazine)
Wienerin entspannt leben (Magazine)
Wienerin mit Kind (Magazine)
Woman (Magazine)


© Viktoria Platzer