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female Role Models

PROJECT: Branddesign
CLIENT: dear creative
BRIEF: Creating a brand for a media project, focusing on connecting and supporting female creatives.

REALISATION: A passion project turned into a real brand. What started as a newsletter dedicated to connect female professionals within the creative industries, now turned into a media project - such as an instagram channel, website and a new workbook to come. With lots of expertise and insights received from and provided for the community, the goal is to share a whole hearted and value-based communication. As an initiator of this project, I had of course a clear vision on how the design has to look: modern and sophisticated elements, with a strong colour palette and a touch of playfulness. 


MULTICHANNEL: For engaging with the community, the brand focuses on its instagram-channel and monthly newsletter. The new workbook offers expertise, support and worksheets helping to focus and realise all the projects and goals, which make our heart beat faster. 


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active beauty MagazineMagazine Design

move MagazineMagazine Design

Spital SpeisingSignage System

Teenbeat ClubEditorial Design

Falstaff Junior MagazineMagazine Design